Wild About Our Woods CIO

What's On

Here are some of the activities that we are involved in or are supporting which connects people to nature

Wild Passport Leader Training
New Training Programme to develop outdoor learning
The WILD Passport Practitioner course is a Level 3 course accredited by ITC First and focuses on the use of practical skills (e.g. tool and fire use) to deliver an outdoor learning programme in learning environments. More details can be found here: https://www.wildaboutourwoods.com/about-5
Free Family Fun Afternoon In Queens Wood, 2-5pm
Back again We look forward to collaborating with other organisations to offer nature based crafts and activities all the family can enjoy.
It will take place in the Witch's Coven between the frog pool and Wood Vale Nearest entrance Muswell Hill Road buses 134 & 43, N10 3JP
Forest School Training
Our next Level 2 and Level 3 Training
Join us for the next Level 2 Forest School Assistant or Level 3 Forest School Practitioner course, run over a period of 9-18 months and 9 days of face-to-face contact (Level 3), where you will learn to be a competent and enthusiastic Forest School assistants or leaders whether working with children, young people, adults and families. The courses is designed to provide you with the theoretical understanding and the practical skills in order to design, develop and run (or support) your Forest School. More details can be found here: http://www.waowcio.org/forest/