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what We Do

Our mission is to create more social opportunities for people to Engage with, Enjoy and Enhance our local woods for mutual well being

We create more social opportunities for local people to come to the woods, to meet, work, play and learn skills while improving well being. By facilitating these event and activities they too will build a reverence with the woodlands, returning to it. They may even give back with time and energy ensuring the woodlands will be sustained for the future. Below are some of the programmes and sessions we are currently running:

🦗🐞 Forest School Level 2 (assistant) and Level 3 (Forest School Leader) starts again in March 2023 🦗🐞

more details can be found here: http://www.waowcio.org/forest/

forest school training 2022 - 1

🦗🐞Free family fun in Queens Wood - 17th july 2-5pm 🦗🐞

FQW22 final

❄️🌟 Wild About Our Woods Countdown ‘til Christmas Using nature as your guide 🎄🔥

Many of us have enjoyed a wonderful autumn outdoors this month. Just because winter is approaching, this doesn’t need to change, our digital, ethical advent calendar provides a healthy alternative to chocolate and each day it gives you a new idea to get you outside and engage with nature this season. You’ll have a chance to learn about seasonal customs, stories and create things while taking time to absorb nature around you. Donate £2.50 to get your Wild About Our Woods advent calendar. you can buy one here

Copy of Advent countdown of seasonal activities

With the money raised we plan to run some CommUnity Soup events to take place in January when the festive cheer has passed to bring people together in Woodlands in Barnet and Haringey to connect to eachother and the woodlands with activities and hot soup.

Deep Shoots, New Roots intergenerational programme

Deep Roots 2

After the success of our Deep Roots, New Shoots woodland programme in Brunswick Park we have received funding to run it again over the next 3 months. It is a programme for older people aged 60 plus to meet in a local woodlands with younger children from a local school. We will provide a variety of explorative play and games, walking trails, stories and nature discovery sessions for adult of grandparent age and children over 5 to enjoy together. Starting on Friday September 17th, and most Fridays for 10 weeks from 1.10-3.10pm. Contact Janine waowcio@yahoo.com for more information or book directly via https://bookwhen.com/deep-roots

Free Summer Holiday Club in Coppetts Wood, N12 this summer

Coppetts Wood summer fun

Woodland wellbeing day for teaching staff

The Haringey Education Partnership have commissioned us to run a session in Fox Forest, Broadwater Farm from 10.30 - 2.30 on Friday 18th June. It's aim is to provide a space to gather in nature, forage local and wild ingredients and cook a meal together over a fire. We will also engage in other nature connection activities which can be brought back to the classroom

Wellbeing Woodland Day

Weekend Wild Things

This is a programme funded by the Coop Foundation to bring young people in year 6,7,8 to meet in Coppetts Wood each week to play and learn new skills. Each week from Saturday 15th May

Weekend Wild Things

Deep Shoots, New Roots intergenerational programme

Deep Roots

Deep Shoots, New Roots is a fully funded pilot programmes bringing children or young people and older adults together with the aim of improving intergenerational relationships in a woodland setting. It will provide a variety of explorative play, walking trails, music and nature discovery sessions for adult of grandparent age and children over 5 to enjoy together. Taking place in Brunswick Park every Monday from 24th May, from 12.30-2.30pm.

The popular WaW Holiday Club

gives children under 12 the chance to enjoy their school holidays in the woods, for healthy adventurous fun in a private woodland which has been funded to work with children from low income families and/or Black and Minority Ethnic Communities which would not otherwise access woodland camps. We have a new a new holiday club starting up on Broadwater Farm N17 at Easter

Here's what some children said they like about coming along.

Working with older people

We are excited to start two new covid recovery programmes based in Barnet working with older people which were recently reported on in the Finchley Community Magazine


Young Urban Roots

We had a weekly young people's conservation group called Young Urban Roots where young people will learn how to use tools safely to cut down trees and coppicing wood, in line with Coppetts Wood Conservationist's woodland management plan. From this green wood and the woodland clay they created beautiful and useful products. The young people will benefit from physical and emotional wellbeing while being outside while also learning practical skills and challenging themselves in their physical efforts to create products.


Collaborating with existing groups

We deliver bespoke woodland sessions for established groups to spend time together in creative ways

Enrichment sessions with secondary schools

We worked with Archer Academy working with year 7s and 8s every Tuesday after school.


Have a look in our photo section to see examples of our work

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"Every child is born a naturalist. (Their) eyes are, by nature, open to the glories of the stars, the beauty of the flowers, and the mystery of life."

Ritu Ghatourey